Backbone pMXs-IRES-Puro
Insert FLAG-mGATA4(K311A/K318A/K320A/K322A)
Seq cDNA / amino acid
Site EcoRI/XhoI
Selection Amp/Puro


K311, K318, K320, and K322 of GATA4 are acetylated by p300. GATA4(M456) is lacking p300-induced acetylation, DNA-binding, and transcriptioanl activities. GATA4(M456) serves as a dominant-negative form because it can interact with its partners including p300 (Takaya, 2008).

FLAG-GATA4(M456) cDNA was obtained from TOPO-FLAG-GATA4(M456) cut by EcoRI and XhoI.


Takaya T, Kawamura T, Morimoto T, Ono K, Kita T, Shimatsu A, Hasegawa K. Identification of p300-targeted acetylated residues in GATA4 during hypertrophic responses in cardiac myocytes. J Biol Chem. 2008; 283: 9828-35.